Getting started

With such a significant day fast approaching, many brides tend to lose their cool and forget about the journey and excitement of planning. To keep you ahead of the game, we recommend organising yourself a wedding timeline where important tasks are strategically planned on a layout that’s easy to recognise and prioritise.

Don’t forget to make the important decision of carefully selecting your maid of honour and bridesmaids who can widely assist you with your wedding planning. Most brides opt for the conventional decision of choosing their best friends, cousins or sisters, while other brides prefer the convenient decision of hiring a wedding planner.

We suggest taking advantage of as many offered assistance as possible, just to take the pressure of your shoulders a little. Delegating less important tasks to family members who are not part of the bridal party can strengthen your bond while sharing this special experience.

Our site offers creative solutions and perfect ideas to lessen your stress and instead focus simplifying tasks that’s more efficient to your planning process. Don’t worry we’ll share all our secrets with you!