Wedding Cake ideas


One of our ultimate wedding favourites is the wedding cake; chosen by the bride and groom and put on display to the guests before being devoured by everyone. The wedding cake plays a vital role in the actual ceremony as it not only represents unity when being cut, but also acts as a display decoration piece tying in the theme.

Wedding cakes are a delicious dessert infused with art as an added bonus. With endless options of the combination of flavours and designs, personalising the cake to each couple’s taste is essential.

We love the idea of also designing your own cake topper just to add a touch of tradition with a creative spin. It’s also a little fun idea to incorporate your personalities into the cake toppers for a bit of individuality and entertainment for your guests.

You’re more than welcomed to browse our wedding favourites for inspirations and “must haves” for your picture perfect day and we hope you find what you’re seeking for!